Release The Old

Relax • Re-calibrate • Heal • Cleanse • Restore

This bundle of goodness helps to re-calibrate to your highest and best self!

Start off with a blissful 30-minute Therapeutic Massage, then go deeper by releasing all the old toxins out of the body with positive and negative charged ions in the LuxSauna Infrared Sauna!


Package Includes the following:

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage

Manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation

Ayni Life Weaving

Ayni Restoration is accomplished through Life Weaving clearing (using a pendulum to dowse special charts). On a physical scale, this therapy offers health assessment and treatment help with pain relief, as well as allergy relief. A Life Weaving session can re-code and re-calibrate the mental, physical and emotional bodies; reverse and eliminate patterns of fear, karma, and self-sabotage.

LuxSauna Infrared Sauna

The benefits of putting your body in such a state include weight loss, injury recovery, improved heart health and blood pressure, reduced cortisol levels, pain relief, healthier skin, fatigue and illness prevention and the most importantly, detoxification.

The basic goal is to make you sweat by sending infrared light through the tissues of the body. To do that, your heart must pump at a faster rate, sending more oxygenated blood through your body.

– Towel, robe and slippers provided

  • I love love love my massage days. I am so happy I was connected with Rochelle from mutual friends. She has made my body sing! Her intuition of what is going on within my body, I have learned to trust and never doubt. I love the new space and the Dream Pod is awesome. After running a hard race the Dream Pod was the best soak for my weary muscles. I look forward to my future appointments.

    Nikki M
  • I was in so much back pain and called Rochelle asking if she had an opening today. I lucked out and she had an appointment opening. She greeted me with a confidence that I thought was risky. She knew she could get my back fixed. I was doubting it but wanted to believe. She went after it with finesse and speed and confidence. I went in with so much pain and left healed. I went golfing the next day and still have a calm back. She is a brilliant healer.

    Darell R
  • Rochelle is amazing and a lifesaver. With her positive energy and skills, her massages are rejuvenating. I have been going to her for some time now and now that she has the new location, which I love, it will definitely be a place I visit for peace and relaxation.

    Rachael M
  • Rochelle, when I began going to you 1.5 years ago, I had chronic neck pain, stress & negative energy that had been bottled up inside for many years. Your deep massages and energy clearing make me feel lighter and alive again! I appreciate your knowledge, compassion and abundance in resources. I also love your meditation classes, they are so enlightening. Much love and may you continue to prosper!

    Angela S
  • Rochelle delivered far beyond my expectations. I had only hoped for temporary relief, but she guided me on a holistic wellness recovery. Her massage is intuitive, sensitive, focused, and deeply satisfying. She knew what I needed without having to ask, and what I did ask for was delivered to perfection. She is strong, yet gentle, and has a range of techniques that will blow your mind. While Rochelle's mastery of massage therapy is divine, her commitment to your total health makes the experience

    Daniel D

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